Simplified raster handling in Python

Raster I/O Simplification (RIOS) is a set of python modules, built on top of GDAL which makes reading and writing raster datasets much simpler (as the name promises). In a couple of lines of code it’s possible to apply a python function, taking numpy arrays as input and output, to a single or multiple images.

RIOS can be downloaded from Assuming the GDAL bindings for python are already installed, RIOS is installed by unzipping the file, navigating to it in terminal (or windows command line) and typing:

python install

Depending on where python is installed you may need to add sudo before. If you don’t have permission to install there you can specify another directory using:

python install --prefix=~/python/rios

Then add this to your PYTHONPATH (There will be a post on installing software off the main path and managing paths soon).

You can test RIOS was installed OK by opening a python console and typing:

import rios

Examples of using RIOS for calculating NDVI and performing a rule-based classification are provided in our Python Tutorial for Spatial Data Processing (available to download from


2 thoughts on “Simplified raster handling in Python

  1. Argemiro

    Hello , I am unable to install RIOS . Can you help me ?
    5 Add to your environment as follows
    Add riosRoot / bin to $ PATH
    Add riosRoot / lib / pythonA.B / site-packages to PYTHONPATH $
    where pythonA.B Refers to the version of python you are running .


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