Resize image using another image

With the gdalwarp command it is possible to resize an image. Combining with python, to get the size of an existing image, it is possible to create a script to resize and reproject one image to another image.

1. Import GDAL

import os

import osgeo.gdal as gdal

2. Get bounding box and projection from input image

# Get information from image
dataset = gdal.Open(inBaseFile, gdal.GA_ReadOnly )
projection = dataset.GetProjection()
geotransform = dataset.GetGeoTransform()
xSize = dataset.RasterXSize
ySize = dataset.RasterYSize

# Get bounding box
minX = geotransform[0]
maxY = geotransform[3]
pixSizeX = geotransform[1]
pixSizeY = geotransform[5]
maxX = minX + (xSize * pixSizeX)
minY = maxY + (ySize * pixSizeY)

3. Create gdalwarp command from information.

bbStr = ' -te %s %s %s %s '%(minX, minY, maxX, maxY)
resStr = ' -tr %s %s '%(pixSizeX, pixSizeY)
projectionStr = ''' -t_srs '%s' ''' %(projection)
warpOptions = ' -of KEA ' + bbStr + resStr + projectionStr
warpCMD = 'gdalwarp ' + warpOptions + inLargeImage + ' ' + \

A full script is available in the RSGIS_Scripts repository, and can be run using:

python baseImage inImage outImage

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