Image segmentation & attribution utilities in RSGISLib

Included with RSGISLib are two command line tools to segment an image, and attribute each segment:

# Segmentation --input jers1palsar_stack.kea \
--output jers1palsar_stack_clumps_elim_final.kea \
--outmeanimg jers1palsar_stack_clumps_elim_final_mean.kea \
-tmpath $PWD --numclusters 100 --minpxls 100

# Attribute segments --inimage jers1palsar_stack.kea \
--inclumps jers1palsar_stack_clumps_elim_final.kea \

To populate the image statistics, band names are used (where available), these can be set using the ‘’ script from RSGIS Scripts.

These command line tools use the Python utility functions ‘runShepherdSegmentation‘ from segutils and ‘populateImageStats‘ from ratutils. These utility functions can be called directly from Python:

from rsgislib.rastergis import ratutils
from rsgislib.segmentation import segutils
from rsgislib import imageutils

inputImage = 'jers1palsar_stack.kea'
clumpsFile = 'jers1palsar_stack_clumps_elim_final.kea'
meanImage = 'jers1palsar_stack_clumps_elim_final_mean.kea'

# Set band names
bandNames = ['98_summer','98_winter','07_HH','07_HV']
imageutils.setBandNames(inputImage, bandNames)

# Run segmentation
segutils.runShepherdSegmentation(inputImage, clumpsFile,
                    meanImage, numClusters=100, minPxls=100)

# Attribute segments
ratutils.populateImageStats(inputImage, clumpsFile,

Note the latest version of RSGISLib (2.1.752) is required for this. Older versions don’t include the ‘setBandNames’ function and require all parameters to be set in the utility functions.

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